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Some of you might be new here, but for those of you that aren’t, you know that I live for fall and spooky season. So to kick off my side of the blog I wanted to show you a little piece of something I love. What better way to get into the spirit than to tell you what activities I recommend you do this fall – and who with.


Significant Other

  1. Pumpkin PatchI know this one is kind of a given, but believe me if you haven’t picked out the best looking pumpkin with your boo – add it to your list of to do’s this season. Not only will you more than likely get to paint or carve these pumpkins with them later, you also have the built in muscle to help carry that ridiculously large pumpkin you insisted on having.
  2. Halloween Movie NightThis one is pretty simple and in my opinion there’s nothing better than cuddling up with a big bowl of popcorn (JOLLY TIME of course) and a Halloween movie. Normally I would recommend a good horror movie, but if your S/O is anything like mine, they wouldn’t touch a scary movie with a ten foot pole. So pull out your copy of Hocus Pocus, or better yet, Halloween Town and enjoy!
  3. Baking/CookingThis is my absolute favorite thing to do with my boyfriend – especially during pumpkin season. Put on some comfy clothes and get to work cooking your favorite meal or even just throw some chocolate chip cookies in the oven. There’s so much opportunity to make it one of those cheesy throw flour at each other moments.


  1. Chili, Cinnamon Rolls and Game NightNothing screams autumn to me like chili and cinnamon rolls, and I’m thinking if you’re from the Midwest you might agree with me. Take this yummy meal up a notch and host a game night around the fireplace with your closest friends. Preferably ones that you have been quarantining with. Skip the bars, skip the casino and just have an old fashion Cards Against Humanity night with the people that are most likely to find your card selection funny.
  2. Football PartyAlthough football season is going to look a little different this year – there’s still a reason to celebrate. Get together that same group of friends to watch your most anticipated game this season. Hell; chili and cinnamon rolls would be good for this as well.
  3. Go to a Wine TastingThis is something that I have yet to do, but it has definitely been on my fall bucket list of sorts! Fall is the perfect season to go wine tasting as weather cools down and people are spending more time inside. Pack up your friends for a short day trip and make sure you have a DD just in case!


  1. BonfireI chose this activity for the family category because I can’t think of a more relaxing opportunity to spend time with my favorite people. Grab all your s’more supplies, a couple lawn chairs and maybe a beer or two if you’re into that kind of thing and spend some time basking in the fire light. This is a great opportunity to tell all the crazy family stories you might have as well!
  2. Apple PickingGosh, this one brings back all the nostalgic feelings for me. My family and I used to go apple picking around this time every year and go home and make the best apple pie I swear I’ve ever had. This is the perfect Saturday/Sunday activity to get you into the fall spirit.
  3. Horse Back RidingThis is another one that I haven’t done in way way too long. My family and I used to go out to one of our nearby state parks and go horse back riding for the day. This is especially fun if you have younger kids in your family because this is an experience they won’t soon forget. I, to this day, can still remember the names of the horses I used to ride back then!

There you have it – the list of activities I recommend participating in this fall. Thanks for reading my first blog post in a long while and I hope to see you in the next one!

-Shelby xoxo

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