Christmas Decor By Aesthetic

Friends! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. And although I don’t love it quite as much as I love Halloween – I’m excited. Personally, I think we could all use a little joy this season and something that has always brought me joy, is decorating for the holidays. So stick around because we’re going to do another decor by aesthetic, Christmas edition.

Winter Wonderland – For the Rustic Queen

I haven’t really shown many pictures of my own house on here, but for those of you who have never seen it – I have painted lower cabinets in a sage/sea-foam green color. This being said, I have turned my kitchen into the ultimate snowy forest landscape to match. For the most part I have purchased everything in this theme from Michaels and Hobby Lobby – from pinecones, to branchy cone trees, to snow covered wooden signs. This theme is perfect for the nature loving, rustic queen in your life to give your home a cozy, woodsy feel.

Decor by Aesthetic.png

Traditional – For the Christmas Lover

If you’re craving some normalcy this holiday season after the crazy year that we’ve had; this theme is for you. Christmas lovers rejoice because this assortment has everything you need in the classic red and green. Believe it or not you, you won’t need to look further than your local Kohl’s store for these traditional Christmas pieces. These items will undoubtedly be a staple in your Christmas decor for years to come.



Simple Sophistication – For the Modern Girl

Christmas Veranda from Target is fittingly named as it combines simple designs with a modern twist. I chose this line, again with Maggie in mind, as it works perfectly for her effortless, yet chic apartment. This line is the for the girl that doesn’t want to sacrifice her aesthetic, but still wants to participate in the Christmas decorations just enough to feel the holiday spirit in her home.

Simple Sophistication Decor by Aesthetic.png

Boho Chic – For the Free Spirit

While on my quest for the perfect pieces for this bohemian theme, I stumbled upon World Market. This store is one that I have only shopped in a handful of times, but let me tell you it is an entirely new experience whenever you go. This makes it the perfect place to find Christmas decor for the free spirit in your life. They have everything from paper lantern snowflakes, to macrame Christmas trees, to wooden villages – and all would make great additions to an eclectic space.


So if you’re looking for Christmas decor this season, don’t forget to include your own style and aesthetic. I promise it will make your house feel much more like a home if you do. xoxo Shelby

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