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My curly hair routine was a blog post I had in mind from the beginning, but I was never sure if anyone wanted to read it. This was until I realized that I so could have benefited from having the advice back when when I was frying my hair with a straightener every single day.

I finally stopped torturing my hair about 17 years in when I was a senior in high school. If I remember right, this had more to do with me not wanting to wake up in the morning and less to do with no longer feeling insecure about my curls. But now, at 24, I am in love with my curls and I wouldn’t feel like me without them.

Let’s get to why you’re here though, to hear about how I style them! For me, my routine starts at night when I shower. I try my best to use as little shampoo as I can while still making sure my hair feels clean. As a curly girl, I stay as far away from any product that contains parabens, sulfates or just generally weighs my hair down. I tend to use curly specific products for this reason. As far as shampoo and conditioner go – the best ones I’ve tried, as well as the best smelling are the Aussie Miracle Curls Shampoo and Conditioner. They literally smell like that 90’s “Hubba Bubba Ouch!” bubble gum. I’ll be sure to link all of my fav curly products on!

After washing my hair I always scrunch dry with a microfiber towel – I use one from DevaCurl. This keeps my hair from getting frizzy and the long scrunches help my curls hold their shape while it air dries. Because I have SO much hair and I get cold easily, I rarely let my hair fully air dry unless it’s in the dead of summer.

The next step in my routine is some form of leave in conditioner – personally I prefer Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Leave In Conditioner or the DevaCurl Defining Cream – which I slowly scrunch into my hair. Now this is the fun part. I just recently started using a technique called “plopping” and it is an absolute game changer.

If you don’t know what plopping is – it’s a way of putting your hair up to sleep in order to protect your curls. To plop, I grab a long sleeve cotton shirt (spirit jerseys work perfectly for this) and lay it on the floor with the neckline closest to me. Next I “plop” my hair right in the middle of the shirt and flip the bottom of it over my head, keeping my hair inside. Then I cross the sleeves behind my head and tie them in the front. And trust me, my instructions make it seem a lot more difficult than it actually is.

This has absolutely changed my curly hair game. For the longest time, I showered every single morning because I could never figure out how to preserve my curls overnight. Now, when I wake up in the morning I’ll just take a spray bottle full of a water/conditioner mix and long hold scrunch until it’s perfect.

For all my curly girls, I hope this helps! I know that having curly hair might seem unmanageable at times – but I like to look at it this way. My hair “style” is different every single day and I’ll never have the same look twice. And people spend tons of time and money to get the same effect that I do from just getting my hair wet! How cool is that? We all want what we can’t have. And for years I wanted stick straight hair for that same reason.

So I hope you start to embrace your curls like I did because it really does make you unique. Thanks for reading loves, I’ll see you in the next one! xoxo Shelby

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