Relaxing Activities to Try in Quarantine – Shelby

1. Yoga

If there has ever been a time to get back in touch with your body and decompress, it’s now. Yoga is an activity I can’t recommend more for those who need a minute to step away from reality. Taking the time to slip into yourself and understand what’s going on your with your mind, body and soul can have such wonderful benefits during this trying time.

2. Reading

I’m sure this suggestion absolutely shocks you coming from little English loving me. If you’ve been putting off reading due to your busy schedule, now is the perfect time to get back into it.

3. Netflix Party Extension

This is personally something I can’t wait to try. With the need for social distancing it’s becoming harder and harder to spend time with friends and loved ones. This tool will allows to connect to your friends in a chatroom while watching the same Netflix tv show or movie. Personally, nothing sounds better to me than watching a movie and discussing with your friends in real time even if you can’t do it in person.

4. Journal

I’m sure, like me, most of you can remember a time when you kept a diary and you cringe at the thought of it to this day. But hear me out. Writing can be such a wonderful outlet for stress, anxiety and anything else that ails you. It doesn’t have to be a novel and, hell, it doesn’t even need to make sense, but putting a pen to paper can really help to turn your mood around for the better.

5. Cook

Cooking for some can be a little stressful, and I would know because my cooking is mediocre at best most days. But for those of you that don’t mind whipping something up, this one is for you. I recommend making some comfort food – something that isn’t difficult that will leave you feeling not only full, but capable.

One of my close friends also put together a list of activities you should try in quarantine which I’ll link here! Thanks for adding this blog post to the list of things to do during quarantine. I’ll catch ya in the next one!

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