Things everyone needs for winter! – Maggie

Hey guys!!

Today, I wanted to bring you a blog post all about my favorite things that I think everyone needs for winter! Some of these are self explanatory, but I will be talking about this specific item. All of these items will be on amazon too, so if your like me who live in the midwest, winter might have already happened, so you will need that prime shipping LOL

So lets get into it!

  1. these fuzzy slippers!!

these things are seriously THE MOST cozy thing ever. Im not a huge fan of shoes in my house, so these are perfect for walking around your house if your feet get cold

2. Dupe barefoot dreams blanket

So barefoot dreams blankets are like $70+ depending on where you get it and thats not always doable for everyone (including myself) So I highly recommend something like this blanket if you want one similar to that without the price tag!

3. fake plants (or real)

okay here me out for this one, sometimes winter sucks for multiple reason, but one thing i hate about it is how gross outside can look, like there are no leaves on the trees, the snow can look brown and yucky and you cant see any green. Soooo I like getting fake plants to add some greenery to my apartment

4. Cute two piece set

Gotta stay warm someway ◡̈

If you didnt know, I have an amazon store, which I linked all these products on there also for you, including some of the fake plants i recommend if you are looking!!

If you guys have any ideas for more blog post, Leave a comment below! I want to work on getting some gift guides up for you also so be on the look out for those! Hope you enjoyed ◡̈


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