Ways to love/date yourself without having a significant other. – Maggie

HEY GUYS! It has been so long since we have written any blog posts, and we Are so excited to be back! The holidays were crazy for both of us, and in January we decided we wanted to redo the blog, so we took some time off. But here we are, back and better than ever!! Im so excited to start this again.

SO as you know, today is valentines day. A good and a bad holiday to me. If you don’t know me, you might not know that I have never had a boyfriend during valentines day.. want lets be really honest, I’ve never had a boyfriend. period. I could go on and on why i haven’t had one, because for most my life, I didn’t really want one. But now that I am getting older and realizing what I am wanting out of life now, I find myself wanting one, maybe not even necessarily wanting boyfriend exactly, but more just wanting to go on date, which is funny, because i hate meeting new people. I love making friends and making connections with people, but the idea of actually going on a date with someone who could practically be a stranger scares the crap out of me.

So while I work on myself, and work on that “problem” of mine, I like to do a thing I call taking myself on a date 🙂 I think its so important to get to know yourself, and as weird as that may sound, I found if i am constantly around people, I almost begin to “lose myself” I begin to start acting like the people I am around and not doing for myself but doing things for others. So these last few years of being single, I have really started to focus on myself in the way of finding out what I like to do and what I don’t like by “taking myself on a date” 🙂 these are a few of my favorite little dates I like to take myself on:

  1. Going to my fav restaurant– for a really long time I hated going to places by myself and eating. Im not really sure why, but I just didn’t like it, but when i moved here, I of course really didn’t know anyone, so to get to know my new city, I decided to face my fear and go out to eat by myself. And honestly its my favorite thing too do now!! Now i get it tho, Covid. it puts a damper on most things, but you can still do this, just order it to go and you can have a little date night with yourself at home 🙂
  2. Find a new hobby– Find something you can do by yourself that brings you joy! For me its a lot of different creative things, like painting, drawing ( even tho I’m not that good), photography and makeup. These things allow to do something i love & to spend time with myself (which is the whole point of this). You could do things like i said, or maybe finding a new recipe you like, or writing/journaling. There are so many things you can make a hobby out of.
  3. Go shopping– So like, don’t do this one all the time, but every so often! my favorite thing is to either find new thrift stores, or ones that I already love and find new treasures. I think this by far has to be my favorite little date I get to go on because I love to spend money ( even tho I shouldn’t HAHA) and i get to come home with new treasures!! Best of both worlds 😉 (ok cool it Hannah Montana)
  4. Watch your favorite move/tv show – I’m a big fan of movies, so I’m constantly watching them honestly, but I love finding new ones to watch when Im trying to relax and not working on anything else. Go order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant and put on your favorite movie, sounds like a GREAT night to spend with yourself 🙂

There are so many things you can do with just yourself, and these are easily thing you can do if you also have a partner, these aren’t just limited to single people. I truly think taking yourself on a date is one of the best things you can do for many reasons! Its important to figure out why you are and what you like so you can feel even more confident with yourself and more confident in your current/future relationships!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this!! talk to you next week xo Maggie

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