“Pretty Woman” – Maggie

So if you know me at all, you know a huge part of what i like to talk about is self love & body positivity. It’s a journey I have been on for a few years now & i can truly say this is the most confident I have felt since starting!

On February 28th, I got to be apart of this AMAZING shoot put on by one of my dear friends, Erin, Owner of Magnetically Raw (magneticalltraw.co on instagram). let me just tell you right now, this shoot was life changing.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to model with about 15 other girls of all shapes, sizes, & colors, all coming together for a bigger message than just modeling. each girl believes that every woman no matter what you look like is beautiful in their own way and that deserves to be celebrated!!

I can honestly say since this shoot, I have never felt more confident with myself ever.

photo credit- Everlasting Photo IA

Yallllll when i tell you tho the love & acceptance i felt in this room was so overpowering!! I’m someone who used to hate showing skin in anyway really, it was just something i never felt that comfortable with. But to step out of my own comfort zone, i wore just a bodysuit for the first set and i truly never had a moment where i didn’t feel comfortable. I mean it probably helped that everyone’s wasn’t in a “normal” outfit but that’s besides the point LOL.

It was just such an amazing experience & i made some great friends out of this!!

photo credit – Corah B Photpgraphy

We also did a Pastel Disco theme step & on my god this was the best thing ever & So fun!!

photo credit – Demi Lynn Photography

I wear a lot of black & neutral colors right? so when Erin first messaged me about outfits and told me pastel disco, my first thought in my head was “oh god what did i get myself into” LOL

So we picked out these lavender pants and white corset top (SOOOOO not my style but i freaking LOVED it so much!!

Corah B Photography
Demi Lynn Photography

I’m still obsessed with this outfit & i wanna wear it out again HAHA like this corset with ripped jeans and a blazer?? come on that would be amazing. I’ve also started living for the color purple now and i may or may not be ordering some bike shorts this color for the summer 😍😂

Photo – Sarah Rolling photography

I just can’t begin to explain to you how fun this photoshoot was!!

This was more than a photoshoot honestly. and the message behind it is more than just getting pretty. the whole point of this was to show you that there is no one definition of perfection. no definition of beautiful. EVERY SINGLE one of you is beautiful.

I don’t want you to ever think you are/aren’t beautiful because of some part of you. you are beautiful. point blank. no if ands or buts. you are an amazing women who has way more to offer than just your size. You have every right to love yourself & to be confident in the skin your in because at the end of the day, everyone reading this is human.

I want to say a BIG thank you to Erin (magnetically raw) for including me in this shoot. I cannot imagine the stress and planning it took to pull this off, and even tho she told me about some of the struggles she had last minute (including a lot of models dropping out right before) she still put together an AMAZING photoshoot !!

✨ you all continue to inspire me everyday & i’m so grateful to have cross paths with all of you. 💕 don’t ever forget you’re a QUEEN & i love u all so much. 🤍


photographers – @everlastingphotoia @sarahrollingphoto @corah.b.photography @demilynnphotography✨
venue – @1868farmhouse ✨
creative director – @magneticallyraw.co ✨
earrings – @claybybirdy ✨
glow – @bronze.515 ✨

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