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Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog, I’m so happy your’e here 🙂

So I’m a product junkie and i have so many favs that aren’t makeup related so I wanted to talk about them on here! This is gong to be many different things from some beauty related things to clothing & a couple tech related items! Hope you enjoy 🙂

  1. Tanologist tanning products

Guys these tanning products are the shit. So the one thing about them that isn’t amazing is that they are clear, but i love the color they give! they have such a natural looking tan to them, and even the dark mouse isn’t. I used to use the Bondi Sands mouse in ultra dark, and i still love that one, but this one takes the cake for me. Little bit of a learning curve, but so good 🙂

2. Aerie Leggings

YALL. I get the hype. These suck me in in allll the areas i need it and are so flattering! and they have so many styles you are bound to like.

3. Wide Brim hats

I feel like this one is self explanatory but my god I love me a good wide brim hat! there are so many brands out there that have really good ones. I really want to get one from urban outfitters soon too, but the ones that I wear are all from Forever, and mt favorite black one is from Torrid 🙂

I will link the forever ones here for you <3 I will also link the Urban ones I’m DYING to get if you wanna check them out and let me live thru you

4. Tech

okay so im not a huge tech nerd at all, i swear tho, even tho i love social media, sometimes the tech side of it SUCKS, but I have a few products tech/photography related that I truly couldn’t live without 🙂

Theres honestly a lot of stuff i am obsessed with but that would take way toooo long to type out so we are going to leave it here, with the things i would say I am the MOST obsessed !!!!

I loved writing this one! let me know if you guys would be interested in a makeup related post about everything I am obsessed with!


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